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Close up of the Arnett water tower

About the Bank

About Farmers and Merchants Bank


Front view of Farmers and Merchants Bank of Arnett


Farmers & Merchants Bank is proud to be a locally owned and managed bank in Arnett, Oklahoma.  Since the bank was charted in 1908, the bank’s mission is to meet the needs of the Arnett community and surrounding areas.

The bank is located at 225 E. Renfrow in Arnett, Oklahoma.  Farmers & Merchants Bank has a staff of 9 full-time employees and has over $45 million in assets.  Our employees are active in numerous community activities, including booster clubs, Kiwanis activities, and church organizations.  Our financial services include competitive loan and deposit rates and telephone banking and internet banking.

We offer the services of a modern-day financial institution while still serving our customers on the same personal level of a community bank that they have come to expect.  In keeping with government regulations, advancement in technology and social changes, the Farmers & Merchants Bank has kept pace over the years from those early times when accounts and transactions were recorded in long hand, to the present electronic online records.  During those years, from the time of a young, growing town, through the critical depression and “dust bowl” days, and the subsequent periods of growth and recession, the Bank has helped to stabilize the surrounding community.  The Farmers & Merchants Bank looks forward to a sound and prosperous future as we move into the next hundred years of service.  We thank you, our friends and customers for your loyalty and patronage, which has contributed to our success over the last 100 years.


If you have any questions or comments, please come by, or call us at (580) 885-7515.

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